023 - Get Your Greens + Urban Gardening with Jill Volat

Living in an LA apartment, Jill Volat felt as far away from her dream as possible. She wanted to own an idyllic farm growing her own food and creating community with neighbors. Then she decided she didn't have to save up money or wait another decade. She could create her dream in the present moment in the middle of Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.

In this episode, Jill tells her story and inspires us to stop waiting for our dreams to happen to us. She also gives useful advice on how to start growing food at home. In addition to that, Evan and Hannah start off the episode with some motivation to eat more greens.

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Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets, and Philosophers by Leonard Koren

Garden Muses: Ganna WalskaTasha Tudor, and Beatrice Wood

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