013 - Traveling for a Year with Briana Maxson

We wanted to talk about dreams, specifically living your dreams right now and not waiting for such-and-such to happen. We thought it would be perfect to bring on our friend and pop-up dinner co-creator, Briana Maxson, for this topic because she and her husband are such good examples of this. Bri is so adamant about living the lifestyle she wants right now, regardless of what is the norm. In this episode, Bri tells the story of how she and her husband put their very successful and normal way of life on hold to travel around the world for a year. She talks about the inspiration behind this, the criticism from family they encountered, how the trek affected their relationship, and the life-changing lessons they learned. (You can fully expect some major travel inspo for all you wanderlusters out there.) Evan, Hannah, and Bri also talk about their upcoming e-book: Spontanea - Vegan Recipes for Special Occasions.

Legal Nomad

L’Abri by Edith Schaeffer


Music by Lee Rosevere