007 - Breaking Vegan Stereotypes

What do you think of when you think of vegans? There are certainly a lot of vegans who fit the description of left-wing, skinny, straight edge, white girls who do yoga and live in Southern California and don’t shave or shampoo. But is this stereotype a true description of the majority of vegans out there? Hannah McNeely and Evan Oliver discuss how they themselves might fall into this stereotype, who in the online vegan community is breaking it, and why stereotyping can be destructive for the movement. 

Thriving Plant Based - $9.99 per month unlimited yoga classes plus help with succeeding on the plant based lifestyle with @bananablondie108 and @801010athlete

@the300poundvegan - David Carter, NFL Defensive Lineman and Animal Rights Activist

@plantriotic - Jackson Foster


Cruelty-Free Kitty



@alexandrasgirlytalk (IG) and AlexandrasGirlyTalk (YT)

John Salley - former NBA player

Bite Size Vegan - YT channel with a vegan athlete series

The Rich Roll Podcast - Episode 92 with Daren Flitcroft (soccer player)

Mac Danzing

Tim Sheiff - Vegan Parkour athlete and Runner

Torree Washington - Raised vegetarian, Vegan since 1998, Bodybuilder


Sanctuary at Soledad Vegan Nut Cheese

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The Practical Vegan by Kim-Julie Hansen

Music by Lee Rosevere