Earth To Us is a podcast by Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely dedicated to the art of paying attention. Our show is an educational platform where we draw on ideas across the globe that have motivated us to live bigger, more creative, and more compassionate lives. We interview the people that wake us up to greater realities and that shift our thinking in a more positive way.

We certainly don't have everything figured out. We are merely hitting record while we share the things we do know and while we discover so much more through extensive research, guest interviews, and the magic of long-form conversation.

Evan, @happyvegann, is an amateur chef, social media consultant, and lover of reading. She is always searching for the next best vegan meal and great conversation.  Her goal with this podcast is to continue to learn, grow, and expand her mind. 

Hannah, @hannah_mcneely,  is an English language teacher, a writer of fiction, and a girl in constant search of creativity and exploration. She is committed to the concept of improving the world by improving herself.